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mant1075 A good quality walnut ting tang by Winterhalder and Hofmeier

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A very good walnut cased ting tang by the German factory of Winterhalder and Hofmeier. Circa 1900 the clock has a light coloured walnut architectural case with dental molding beneath the architectural top. The center of the top being lightly carved. Below the roof detail is a carved brick effect also seen at the base of the clock. The sides either side of the door have Corinthian capitals with column supports.
The dial has a silvered chapter ring with brass spandrels, brass framed glazed door with light beveled glass.
The movement is eight day duration with the quarter striking ( ting tang ) on two coiled gongs. ( Ting tang being the sound that is made when the gongs are struck ).
A double strike for the 1st quarter, two double strikes for the half past and three doubles for the quarter to the hour. The hours are chimed on a single gong.
The clock is in excellent condition and has been fully serviced.

Dimensions:The clock stands 16" tall .

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