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car 237 Drocourt Grande Sonnerie repeating gorge cased carriage with alarm

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One of the top makers of carriage clocks, Drocourt has achieved worldwide recognition with their quality workman ship and complicated movements. Pierre & Alfred Drocourt were France' leading makers from the middle of the 19th century through to the late Victorian era. They had a factory in Saint-Nicolas-d'Ailermont, which was regarded as the most important town for carriage clock manufacturing. The majority of their clocks would go to their Paris premises and dispersed amongst the world's top retailers of that time. They exhibited at the major exhibitions winning a bronze medal at Paris 1867, the Silver at Paris 1878 and the gold at Paris in 1889. The son, Alfred, succeeded his father Pierre sometime in the 1870's.
This particular carriage clock is known as a Gorge. It has a highly complicated Grande Sonnerie movement. The nice feature with this particular clock is it strikes on two original Nickel silver bells rather than the later gong
The underside of the clock has a lever for either full Grande Sonnerie ( striking the hours and quarters at each quarter)
strike silent and petite Sonnerie ( quarter striking)

The movement has just been restored through our workshops.

Height 7" Handle up
Height 5.5" Handle down

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