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Long 102 Smith of Aspendenhall

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Smith of Aspendehall

An unusual Longcase by Smith of Aspendenhall. Not recorded, but investigations in to the clock have led me to believe the he was the black smith for the house ( Aspenden Hall ). The clock made for the domestic quarters of the house.

 This is a 11" brass dial, having Cherub and crown spandrels. The oak case has figured graining through out. The case is only 10" wide which is unorthodox in its construction. Their is a lentical or bulls eye glass where the pendulum bob can been seen.

The movement is Four day and has seven pillars to the huge movement, the clock strikes the hours on a bell. The bell is so big that back of the clock has been cut away to accommodate it. The clock has a two train movement being wound on chains.

The overall height of the clock is 79"

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examine face and movement detail