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Wall 153 Public wall clock - Stout of Wembley During restoration of the dial, it was discovered that the dial was in fact an engraved dial by Gaze of London

This would explain the high quality movement and quality case work.

A 22" dial public clock. Now used as a domestic timepiece. Superb quality, eight day single fusee timepiece. The movement is nearly 12" tall.

It is believed to have been owned by Bisley gun club during the early 20th c.

Superb cast brass bezel in a mahogany surround. The back box is made of oak.


Price including delivery £SOLD

Image left shown before dial was discovered.
Image below showing the correct old engraved dial

The image of the movement shows the high quality six pillar Fusee which is on a chain

The engraving of the numerals and lettering is well executed.

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